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01 (Re-)Engineering & Creation

We are equipped to help with both new as well as older molds: our reliable approach starts from a Correct Project Description and incorporates sufficient testing after delivery, depending on your requirements. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience, you may count on us for the right support!

02 Stamping

We facilitate the creation of your final product based on the mold you supply. Our presses can take on 100t, 150t or even 200t and we are capable of manipulating several materials, such as aluminum, copper and metal. And with packaging and labeling included, we’ve got you covered from A to Z!

03 Maintenance

Maintaining your mechanical production process is our specialty! Our team of experts is ready for you to ensure that there’s no breakdowns and that any problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. What are you waiting for?

04 Fine Mechanical Piece Work

Our expertise in building molds means we’re the ideal partner for fine mechanical piece work. We are capable to produce complex components in no time at all. Request your quote now and our team is happy to help!


Your Specialist for Every Custom Part in Your Production Process

As a team, Tools&Dies has more than 350 years of experience in making custom tools & dies. Our knowledge base is extremely varied, and our capabilities are more than sufficient to meet your needs.

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Expertise! For many years now, Tools&Dies has delivered a skillful edge to our production process. We’re also very satisfied about how they’ve created added value on a strategic level through their digital collaboration platform. That’s really been a strong driver for our business continuity.

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