(Re-)Engineering & Creation

From smart engineering to finished product

Before we start developing, the design is our basis, our foundation for everything. That’s why we always start by creating an optimal design, together with the customer, which will prioritize the functional requirements.

Next, thanks to our integrated CAD/CAM-system, our designers can create designs that will guide our machines flawlessly. And after our exhaustive testing process of the mold, you will be ready to roll!

We listen
01 We listen

We listen to all of your requirements and we analyze them in the form of a Correct Project Description (CPD). If the CPD doesn’t exist yet, we can advise you.

We design
02 We design

In the design phase, we’ll use the CPD and we’ll follow up with you on a bi-weekly basis, so you may follow the process. This phase ends with the approval of the design.

We build
03 We build

With a definitive guarantee on the final cost of your mold, we will build the mold to the best of our ability. Thanks to clear agreements, our communication is smooth and efficient.

We test
04 We test

Once your tool is finished, we functionally test the mold. Operational tests are also possible, either at Tools&Dies or on your own production line. We can also facilitate the installation for you.

We maintain
05 We maintain

Once you’ve started production, we can decide together what the best maintenance frequency is. In doing so, you will achieve a maximal return and you’ll be sure of the future.

We are experts in designing and making…

Progressive diesPerforation diesStitchermatrijzenCut & form-diesClick & fit dies
What Our Customers Think

Expertise! For many years now, Tools&Dies has delivered a skillful edge to our production process. We’re also very satisfied about how they’ve created added value on a strategic level through their digital collaboration platform. That’s really been a strong driver for our business continuity.

Carlo Vanschoenwinkel Rockfon