Your Production = Our Mission


Tools&Dies has no less than 3 presses available:
100 tons → 150 tons →200 tons

Combined with our in-house expertise in molds and tools, we can assure you that we can finetune your materials exactly as required.


About Our Presses

Muller: 100ton 1000mm x 700mm x700m
Richter - 150 ton 1000mm x 630mm x700m
Heilbron 4635 - 150 ton 1000mm x 630mm x700m
What Our Customers Think

Expertise! For many years now, Tools&Dies has delivered a skillful edge to our production process. We’re also very satisfied about how they’ve created added value on a strategic level through their digital collaboration platform. That’s really been a strong driver for our business continuity.

Carlo Vanschoenwinkel Rockfon