Choose Reliable Maintenance


Thanks to a well-considered design and a solid production, our team of experts will ensure the longest possible lifespan of your tools. But naturally, you will need to frequently maintain your components in order to achieve maximum returns.

Tools&Dies will automatically offer you with the necessary maintenance parameters when your tool is delivered, so you know exactly when you should schedule the upkeep.


Our Approach on Durable Maintenance

01 Inventory

We’ll start with an analysis of all your inventory of assets and tools. That analysis can be performed based on designs, but also by physically inspecting the molds. It’s crucial to know what the starting point is!

02 Standard

While doing maintenance, we strive to achieve a standardized way of working. But what does that mean exactly?

We’ll determine certain working methods with clear pricing for maintaining the most important parts and/or for interventions, so you’ll know what to expect from us.

And if there should be any extra interventions necessary that will be outside of the agreed upon pricing? Then our time & material-pricings are also listed in the contract.

03 Proactive Maintenance

Because of initial starting point determination, we can analyze which parameters will be important to assess when tools will require maintenance. In doing so, you’ll always know well in advance when maintenance must be scheduled. And should there be need for an urgent intervention, then our team is ready to help!

04 Urgent intervention

Tools&Dies is proud to be a central component of your production process, which is why we are more than ready to execute urgent interventions. When there’s a breakdown, we will come down to the scene to assess what went wrong.

Those urgent interventions will be digitized on a work order, so the correct information can be forwarded to the right people. In doing so, we can quickly get to work and provide a fitting solution.

05 Communication

Naturally, communication is central to any maintenance process. And that’s why we work with a platform that makes it easy to share important communications. The following items are managed through the platform:
- Sharing designs, always with the right version
- Follow-up for ongoing maintenance
- Intervention reports


Expertise! For many years now, Tools&Dies has delivered a skillful edge to our production process. We’re also very satisfied about how they’ve created added value on a strategic level through their digital collaboration platform. That’s really been a strong driver for our business continuity.

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